Ever wanted to take a picture of something spectacular – the Lincoln Memorial, Michelangelo’s David, or the like – only to have tourists milling around in the frame?

If you’re reasonably competent with Photoshop you can probably remove them, but what about the rest of us?? Look no further than Tourist Remover from snapmania.

Tourist Remover from snapmania

The first time I tried it, I took the following 3 pictures (sorry, no David, no Lincoln Memorial, but it should serve to illustrate how it works) —

Tourist Remover example

Tourist Remover example

Tourist Remover example

I dragged the 3 images into the “Remove Tourists” utility (shown below) in my snapmania album, and a few minutes later the corrected image showed up in the album.

Here’s the corrected image:

Note that a black frame has appeared around the image; this of course could easily be cropped out. Also, I notice a slight ghosting effect immediately below the first pine tree. (Click on the photo to see it better.) It appears to be from the bright reflection on the front of the car in the second image…  but overall, not bad!

Snapmania is FREE (along with 100MB of storage space;) signing up takes a few moments. As for your photos, you need to take several of your subject – a minimum of three. Handheld is OK; of course a tripod would be best. Best results are achieved when your “unwanted objects” appear as differently as possible in each frame in the series. For the example above, I did use a tripod.

You can find snapmania by clicking here. Who knows – I bet you may have a few shots in your photo album already that might be candidates for this program…  give it a shot!

If you’ve used Tourist Remover, please comment and let us know how it worked out!!

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8 Comments on Zap unwanted people from your vacation photos with Tourist Remover

  1. WDW says:

    Considering you had three shots with each piece of the whole picture available makes this a simple cut and paste job. Not much need to know PS for this.


  2. James says:

    So I could essentially take a bunch of pictures in Time Square and make it empty of people? Gotta try it.


  3. Paul says:

    I agree with James – I think the demo ought to have about 50 or 60 big fat tourists in Time Square and show how they can be made to disappear.
    That would be impressive.


    Kevin Reply:

    I’ll update the post at some point and use images of something with a bunch of people moving through the frame.


  4. harry says:

    looking forward to seeing the tryout


  5. Hmmm says:

    And no update? Lame.


    Kevin Reply:

    There was a link immediately below the original post.



  6. matt b says:

    Seen this done by an art project. Busy city sceens with the people removed or a street sceen with just people eating / carrying stuff / taking photos / using mobile phones.

    I just don’t have the URL, sorry.



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