If you sometimes get frustrated utilizing multiple resources for searching the internet OR find that you’ve become over reliant upon Google, check out Joongel. From the site’s founders: “Instead of presenting you with an enormous amount of scattered results from different subjects and websites, Joongel provides direct search results from the ten most viewed websites in a specific subject or subcategory.”

Joongel enables you to search and navigate on a particular topic by utilizing the 10 most popular sources on the Internet in fourteen different categories (I couldn’t capture themall in the screenshot below!)  The site’s search method is based on the geographic location of the user and traffic ranking analyses from Google, Hitwise, Compete, Comscore, Nielsen//Netratings, Quantcast and more.

A quick view of Joongel’s primary user interface:

Joongel interface

A desktop widget is also available; the best way to understand how powerful Joongel is is to view the demo – just click on this button:

Joongle video tour

Happy Joongeling!

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