A quick update for my regular readers and subscribers…

Since starting this blog about 7 months ago, I’ve generally posted once each weekday. Initially – for the first few months – I posted on  weekends, but those posts were usually links roundup-type posts or music videos; recently I’ve abandoned posting on weekends altogether.

This past week has been a departure of sorts. I’ve posted twice each weekday, scheduling posts to publish at 4AM and 1PM. I’ve tried to have the morning post be longer and a bit more detailed, and the afternoon post a bit lighter in terms of content and depth. Another thing I’m playing with is the notion of trying to link the morning and afternoon posts thematically. This worked well with the TSA checkpoint/travel vest combo, for example.

Being employed full time, traveling a fair amount, and being mildly fanatical about golf, it’s frankly difficult to find time to work on the blog during the nicer/warmer months. For a while I tried getting up early in the morning to write, going to work for 8-9 hours, and again working on the blog later at night. After a while of following this regimen I started feeling like a zombie. I returned to getting up at a reasonable hour, and feel better.

At this point, I’ve settled into a routine that involves working on the blog each evening. The good news from your standpoint is that the golf season is winding down and I’m playing less during the week. Hence the double posts.

So…  from this point forward – at least until the spring, if I can maintain this approach – I’ll try to follow the 2x/day posting regimen and we’ll see over the next few weeks if I can link the posts from a thematic/content standpoint each day.  I likely won’t post on the weekend. I work on the blog each weekend, but I really don’t feel like phoning it in and doing throwaway posts. They’re no real fun for me – I know I’m cheating – and they’re likely not any good for you, either.

If you have feedback for me, I’d love to hear it. Sometimes it’s frustrating putting this stuff out there and getting a modest amount of feedback. So those of you who are regular commenters – THANK YOU! I really appreciate your interest and comments!!

I still experiment with content and where I want to take the blog…  initially I’d planned to focus more on marketing tools and issues, but that strikes too close to home: I don’t want to post about tools I use with my current employer, even if I developed them at other companies.  Travel and traveling smart is a passion, so you’ll continue to see travel posts. As I’m a bit of a gadget enthusiast, you’re likely to see those types of posts on a regular basis as well. Food, wine, DIY projects, productivity…  all play important roles in my life, so you are likely to see posts focusing on these areas as well.

Thursday night I renewed my domain registration for another 3 years…  so unless I decide to make a big change, the blog is here to stay for a while.

Blogging has, in a modest way, gotten me back into writing on a regular basis, however prosaic the topics may be. The only thing that may offer serious competition to working on the blog (other than golf!) is if I begin to concentrate on other avenues in writing, namely fiction. But I’m getting ahead of myself here……

In any event, thanks for being here and reading this. I appreciate your giving this blog a few minutes of your valuable time.  Let me know how I’m doing, and what you’d like to see here.

Once in a while, if an ad genuinely interests you, click on it. Doing so helps defray the costs of hosting the blog, although it’ll never compensate me for the amount of time I spend working on Practical Hacks …but it helps.

Another small favor I’d like to ask: if you have friends who you think would enjoy the blog, please share it with them!

Thanks again……

Kevin  10.3.08

P.S.  The blog currently has an Alexa rank or 252,000 which puts it in the top .81% of all websites. Not too bad for a 1 man show being conducted by someone who isn’t too hung up on SEO and doing every little thing a blogger is “supposed” to do to build traffic. Thank you.

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