Ever find something on the internet that you’d possibly like to buy at some point, or perhaps receive as a gift? Of course! But what do you do? Some sites – like Amazon.com – allow you to create a wish list specific to that site. But what do you do if you find something on a site you rarely visit or use? You may bookmark the site or page but there’s always the chance that you’ll forget about it. Or if you’re simply surfing and come across something appealing, you may not even remember to bookmark it. NEW Firefox extension Giftag makes it easy to create customized wish lists AND to share them with friends and family.

Once installed, the Giftag browser button will appear at the top of your browser.

Giftag browser button

Find an item you’d like to purchase, and click that button. A Giftag dialog box opens at the bottom of the screen: highlight the image of the item, add a tag or two and a description, and it’s added to your wish list.

Sample Wish List @ Giftag.com

As you can see, this Wish List is named (cleverly enough) “Stuff I Want,” and can be shared with others by clicking on the “Share List” button.

The Giftag website has 3 short videos which thoroughly how Giftag works – check it out by clicking here. With the Giftag button on your browser, you should never miss saving or bookmarking another neat item – just add it to a wish list!

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