I somehow managed to pick up a head cold just as we left Vegas last Thursday…  and it has merrily progressed into a full respiratory meltdown. I’m fairly certain I’ll survive, but it has sapped my energy and hence my posting.

On a positive note, I have ordered a Rick Steves Classic bag and will give it a full evaluation along with the Red Oxx Air Boss. They certainly represent two very different executions of a similar concept for “one bag” travel. Look for my review in another week or two.

With that, I’ll leave you with Mr. Knopfler and the Nottingham Hillbillies. Sheesh I wish this guy would play more straight ahead blues! (although Nottingham Hillbillies obviously has a country flavor to it; if you’re interested, search YouTube for the Knopfler/Clapton version – very tasty!)

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