Ever want to leave valuables – a portable GPS, PDA, digital camera, your passport, etc. – in your hotel room, only to discover the room isn’t equipped with a safe? Faced with this dilemma, many of us simply try to hide our items as best as possible and hope that they aren’t discovered or pilfered.

One solution is the is the TravelSafe 100 from pacsafe. This small pouch (it’s available in larger sizes as well, including a backpack) is reinforced with a stainless steel mesh that’s virtually impenetrable with ordinary tools. The “safe” can be cinched closed and then locked with its integral braided steel cable and the included brass padlock.

You can lock it to a doorknob, bed frame, and the like – and enjoy much greater peace of mind as a result. The TS100 model measures 8″w x 13″l – plenty large enough for most digital cameras.

Here’s a peek at it as well as how it’s constructed:

pacsafe travelsafe100pacsafe construction

This product is available from various online retailers including pacsafe itself, for $35 to $39. If you’re a frequent traveler, check it out! For the record, I have no connection or relationship with pacsafe whatsoever. Thanks for visiting! And if you like what you see at PracticalHacks, please subscribe by clicking on the orange RSS button above – it’s easy and free!

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2 Comments on Road Warriors: protect your valuables on the road with a portable “safe!”

  1. Michael W. says:

    This is a great product. If you are “one bagging” it (as promoted by this website and by http://www.onebag.com ) the downside is the weight (yes, the wire that creates the security comes at a weight premium) and of course the size of packing another item. If you have checked items, the weight and extra bulk are miniscule.

    You can also use this at a gym or pool as a “personal” locker by locking it to something near your workout/swim area.


  2. kc says:

    Michael –

    Some great points; thanks for commenting!



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