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The developers at cooliris have come up with a terrific way to speed your browsing experience, whether you’re using IE, Firefox, Safari, or Flock. It’s called Previews, and as the name implies, it enables you to preview the content of any link you encounter as you browse.

Let’s say you search for “best ribs recipe:”

Google search - best ribs recipe

A number of links appear; with Previews, when you hover over the link, a small Previews icon appears to the immediate right of the link; you can see it below:

Previews icon

Hover over that icon for just a moment, and Previews does its thing – a preview of the link pops up on your screen:

Previews - cooliris

Move your cursor onto the preview, and you can actually scroll around the preview to more fully, well, preview the content of the link. In this case, I’ve scrolled over to the right to look at a few user reviews of the recipe; here’s one of them:

cooliris Previews demo image

Previews is a terrific little application. It’s unobtrusive, and works everywhere you encounter links. It’s totally free, and does not contain any adware or spyware whatsoever. I’ve been using it for a month or so and love it. Give it a try; you can find it here. (You’ll also see a link for PicLens – I’ll cover that in another post.)

-kc 6/27/08

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