waffle weave microfiber towel

If you wash your car yourself & haven’t discovered waffle weave microfiber towels, you need to check them out. A single large (usually between 24″ x 30″ and 25″ x 36″) towel is enough to dry a small to midsize car. Two of them – one per hand – will easily dry an SUV. Plus… they won’t scratch your paint unlike cheap cotton towels or that rag you have lying on your workbench.

If you’re a golfer, throw one in your bag – if you’re caught in the rain, they’re superb at drying grips, the seat on your cart, etc.

There are a variety of sources and prices. I’ve purchased from both Autopia and Detailers Paradise and have received great service from both. As always, I have no connection to either of these suppliers other than being a customer.

Incidentally, if you’d like to learn more about properly caring for your car’s finish, check out autopia.org

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5 Comments on Absorbs 7 times its weight in water!

  1. That is a great idea for washing your golf clubs after or during a round!


  2. kc says:

    Agree… if I know it’s likely to rain I’ll throw two in my bag. I didn’t mention in the post, but these can be laundered in your washing machine and dried on low heat. Thx. kc


  3. […] please, please do NOT use crappy old towels to dry your car. Invest in a couple of premium quality waffle weave microfiber towels. Using the wrong towel or material to dry your car will mar the paint. If you’re using an old […]

  4. […] A word about drying: DO NOT use cotton towels, that old rag you have lying on your workbench, etc. The pros use HIGH QUALITY waffle weave microfiber cloths for drying their customers’ vehicles, as high quality MF will not cause micro-marring in the vehicle’s finish. See this post about high quality waffle weave towel […]

  5. Bob says:

    I need to get a few of these for my boat! Thanks for the post!


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